Clothes Recycling Programme

The IAM is working in partnership with the Salvation Army (Macau) to launch the “Clothes Recycling Programme”. Members of the public or organizations can participate in this programme by donating clothes that are no longer in use for recycling, no matter they are brand new or used ones. All they have to do is to put them into the recycling bins placed in the different districts citywide. It is a way to reduce the amount of waste produced and its subsequent treatment besides maximizing the use of clothes resources through reuse and recycling. Overall, it helps to reduce the consumption of raw materials used in fabric manufacture and of the earth’s resources.  


    The Salvation Army (Macau) takes charge of the collection process. Then, the collected clothes will be sorted, packed and gifted to the vulnerable population groups in society, like the elderly living alone, the homeless, ex-prisoners and the needy, etc., while a part of them is reserved for use by voluntary organizations through application. This eco-friendly and beneficent recycling programme facilitates resource distribution by making the best use of clothes. It brings a gift of warmth and love to someone in need.


     Before making a donation of clothes, make sure that they are in clean condition and take note of what kinds of items are donatable:


Donatable goods:

l   Brand new or used clothes in clean condition

l   Brand new or used footwear in clean condition

l   Handbags and accessories


Non-donatable goods:

l   Furniture, used bed mattress or bedding

l   Worn-out or broken items

l   Used underwear or towels



Live an eco-friendly life by donation of clothes to someone in need