School Publicity and Promotional Activities

A saying goes, “it takes 10 years to grow a tree, but 100 years to cultivate people.” To further promote publicity and education on city cleaning and environmental protection, IAM believes that instilling the values of resource appreciation and environmental hygiene maintenance among younger age groups and deepening the understanding and acceptance of Macao’s environmental hygiene policies among students will lead to more remarkable results.


This programme, designed according to the interests and comprehension capacity of the students, is focused on three themes, including city clean-up, recyclable waste separation and recycling, and rodent and dengue fever prevention. Various activities, including thematic seminars, interactive games, workshops, visits and hands-on exploration modules, are organised and tailored to the need of each school. They are run and adjusted to complement the existing curricula, extracurricular activities and resources of the schools. This process allows for the most appropriate solution and activity to promote the proper values in city cleaning and environmental protection among the students in a way that is both fun and educational.


In collaborating with schools and providing the needed support, IAM groups the participants into three categories in relation to the students’ age and education level so that appropriate activities can be arranged to convey the target message. Students in kindergarten and lower primary group will learn about city cleaning and environmental hygiene through the fun and educational "Kid FUN Workshop" along with booth games centred on different themes. Students in the upper primary and junior secondary group will learn not only through some interesting activities but also through “Thematic Seminar” and “Theme-related Photo Exhibition”. In addition, IAM will continue to organise "Clean-up and Environmental Protection Experience Camp". Making use of the facilities provided at IAM's eco-centres, the camp helps to deepen students' knowledge on environmental protection. Students in senior secondary group will participate in promotional and educational activities, including the more informative “Thematic Seminar”, the “Wall-painting Activity” centred on the theme of sanitation and environmental protection, and “Theme-related Photo Exhibition” packed with more in-depth content.


IAM also organises regular visits for students to its two eco-centres, ecological green roof and local facilities for the treatment of solid waste. A “solid waste” creative workshop is organised to allow students to experience the concepts of recyclable waste separation, recycling and reuse through the creation process. The works created during this workshop are displayed at a thematic exhibition, thus helping to change the value of solid waste in the minds of the students, and encouraging an appreciation of natural resources and understanding of the importance of keeping the city clean and maintaining environmental sanitation and hygiene. These activities systematically provide students with an understanding of environmental hygiene, while allowing them, beyond rote book learning, to experience the real conditions of city cleaning and environmental hygiene maintenance in Macao.


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