Publicity and Promotional Activities for Foreigners

Due to Macao’s rapid economic development in recent years, many non-resident employees and foreigners now live in Macao. To promote the importance of city cleanliness and environmental hygiene among different ethnic communities in Macao, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) cooperates with expatriate community groups to organise community cleaning activities for their members. These include outdoor publicity events, community cleaning campaigns, and visits to IAM’s facilities such as the Eco-Centres, the Ecological Green Roof and ecological trails. IAM also encourages these groups to initiate their own activities within their communities. These activities aim to help different ethnic groups to integrate into life in Macao and cultivate their sense of belonging to Macao, as well as to make them understand that they should participate in safeguarding environmental cleanliness and take the initiative in being law-abiding, thus infusing their daily life with the concept of “Our City, a Clean City.”