Senior City-cleaning Ambassadors

The youth form a lively group in the community. But, culturally, in Macao society, the seniors also have their own social circles. As the economy prospers and grows, the financial burden of residents is reduced and their retirement age is lowered. Many middle-aged seniors are enthusiastic participants in civic affairs during their leisure time and are happy to devote themselves to helping to promote sanitation in the city.


The "Senior City-cleaning Ambassador Programme" caters to the seniors, encouraging their participation in environment protection and city cleaning work, as they share responsibilities with the younger generation. The main duties of the "Senior City-cleaning Ambassadors" are to actively promote the concept of urban sanitation. They occasionally access specific areas to urge the public to keep the city clean. They also participate in various types of activities such as city cleaning, environmental protection and greening, leisure and cultural activities, and make visits to public cleaning and environmental protection facilities such as Companhia de Sistemas de Resíduos, Lda (CSR Macau), incinerators, sewage treatment plants and landfills, so that they can recognise the sanitation situation in Macao, gain relevant knowledge and spread this understanding to others.