The Laboratory Division continuously monitors the water quality of public swimming pools managed by the government and private swimming pools which are open to the public, including swimming pools in hotels and real estates. According to the guidelines on swimming pools required by the Health Bureau , pool water is sampled regularly for microbiological and chemical tests using analytical methods of international standards, so as to understand the general hygiene condition of swimming pool water and safeguard the health of swimmers.
        In addition to water quality tests, regular inspections at various swimming pool establishments are also conducted to understand the daily management of swimming pool facilities, so as to ensure that the management of swimming pool establishments meets basic safety and hygiene requirements.
Monitoring of swimming pool water quality
        Water samples are randomly collected from swimming pools at regular intervals. After on-site tests of pH, conductivity, free residual chlorine, etc., water samples are delivered promptly to the Laboratory for further analysis.
Workflow of monitoring:
  1. On-site sampling and tests:
    • Collecting samples of swimming pool water
    • On-site tests: free residual chlorine, pH value, ozone, etc.
  2. Laboratory analysis
    • Microbiological analysis: sample filtration and inoculation, bacteria cultivation, result interpretation.
    • Chemical analysis: ammonium and turbidity.
  3. Information collation and result dissemination
    • Data processing and verification of information
    • Test report compilation
    • Release of water quality results of public swimming pools  on website