Cleaning hygienic blackspots

Since the outbreak of dengue fever in 2001, IAM has collaborated with the health authority on cleanup efforts in areas of inadequate hygiene in the Macao peninsula and the islands of Taipa and Coloane. As a majority of hygiene black spots are found in privately-owned areas such as vacant private lands or buildings, cases concerning hygiene black spots received by IAM will be forwarded to the health inspectors of the Health Bureau responsible for the relevant district. The inspectors will then assess whether the sanitary conditions pose a threat to the public health of the surrounding areas. When the threat is confirmed by the health inspectors, the property or land owner concerned will then be asked to carry out the relevant cleanup work within a specified time frame, beginning from the issuance date of a notice. If there is still no improvement in the sanitary conditions, the Health Bureau will write to IAM to request assistance. IAM will collaborate with the Health Bureau to carry out the related improvement work. In addition, apart from increasing the manpower effort in the cleanups in hygiene black spots, IAM has joined with the health authority in organising a series of activities to promote dengue fever prevention and control mosquito breeding, with a view towards reminding residents to pay attention to the hygienic conditions of their living environment and surrounding areas, and to raise their awareness of dengue fever prevention.


IAM’s role is to support and help to conduct the cleanups in hygiene black spots. When encountering obstacles and difficulties, IAM negotiates with the health authority and the property owners concerned to mediate on matters such as environmental hygiene and technical issues, with the aim of safeguarding public health and ensuring a clean living environment so as to protect the quality of life for residents.