To safeguard the health of swimmers and understand the water quality of beaches, there are monitoring points set up at the two public beaches in Macao, i.e. Hac Sá Beach and Cheoc Van Beach, to collect samples of beach water on a regular basis for tests and assessment of water quality.


Monitoring  of beach water quality

Water samples are regularly taken from the monitoring points at the two beaches. After on-site tests of pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, etc., the samples are delivered to the Laboratory promptly for bacteriological, chemical and biological analysis. Sampling frequency will increase during the bathing season.


Workflow of monitoring:

  1. On-site sampling and tests:
    • Collecting samples of beach water
    • On-site tests: pH value, dissolved oxygen, salinity, etc.
  2. Laboratory analysis
    • Bacteriological and biological analysis: sample filtration and inoculation, bacteria cultivation, result interpretation, algae counting.
    • Chemical analysis: physicochemical parameters, metals, organic compounds, etc.
  3. Information collation and result dissemination
    • Data processing and verification of information
    • Test report compilation
    • Release of water quality result on website