The Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics

The Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics is the only exhibition garden in Macao on the theme of sculptures of ethnic groups. It features contemporary sculptures showcasing the images of the 56 ethnic groups, crafted by artists from various provinces and cities across China. These sculptures not only portray the images, lifestyles and characteristics of different ethnic groups, but also highlight the spirit of peace, harmony, and unity of the Chinese nation, as well as its unique national traits. They express the best wishes for national unity of the motherland.

To offer a better display of the distribution and living areas of each ethnic group and utilise the educational purpose of the sculpture park, the sculptures in the garden are strategically placed according to the approximate geographical locations where these ethnic groups are concentrated throughout the country, following a north to south arrangement. The park is divided into five major regions. Visitors can gain a clear understanding of the characteristics, distribution and living areas of each ethnic group by observing the image, location and position of each of the sculptures. Additionally, there is a QR code on the base of each sculpture. Visitors can scan the code to obtain more information about the ethnic group.

Comendador Ho Yin Park, also known as “Xiangshan Park”, was established in 1993 and named in honour of Sir Ho Yin, a leader of the Chinese community in Macao who loved both the country and Macao. It features luxuriant green trees and a pleasant environment, attracting the public to stay for leisure. The relocation of the Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics not only adds artistic atmosphere to the park, but also provides a venue for the Macao public to learn about the unique history, culture and spirit of unity of the Chinese nation, allowing them to have positive perspectives on the country, ethnics, culture and history while enhancing their sense of belonging to our country, all within a convenient setting.

Address: Comendador Ho Yin Park
Opening Hours: Sculpture Display Area: 24 hours
Exhibition Center: 10:00 – 19:00
Tel: 2833 7676
Fax: 8394 8827
Bus stop information: M243 / M158 / M161
Free admission, open on Macao public holidays