Facilities in the Centre

In recent years, the facilities in Mong Ha Eco-Centre have been enhanced in order to promote the idea of building a clean and beautiful city together. In particular, a series of exhibition panels and hand-painted murals have been produced on the theme of “KABO”, the mascot of Macao citywide cleaning campaign. Several interactive educational games with rich content have also been added, including a jigsaw puzzle on the theme of environmental hygiene called “Create a Clean and Beautiful City with KABO”, a quiz game on the theme of prevention and control of mosquito infestation called “Learn Mosquito Prevention Tips with KABO”, an interactive wall projection game on the theme of prevention and control of rodent infestation called “With Everyone’s Effort, We Can Control Rodent Infestation!”, a giant board game on the theme of garbage collection facilities called “KABO's tips for collecting and disposing of domestic waste”, a game in which the participants win by moving a metal ball with a magnetic pen called “KABO’s Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Pet” and other games that are suitable for parents to play with their children.

Besides the educational and interesting games, there is also a rainbow staircase called “KABO and you take photographs together” in the centre, which is designed on the theme of “KABO & Friends”. This unique photo spot is very popular among parents and children, as they can take some photos after completing the interactive educational games together.

In addition to the educational interactive games, the Mong Ha Eco-Centre also features a large exhibition room, a multi-functional room, a library, a computer room, an audio-visual room and other facilities for the public to visit and use. Furthermore, there is a special “experiment farm” outside the centre with 43 farming plots of varying sizes and a total area of 650 square metres. Such an educational venue for outdoor gardening experience is rarely found in Macao. Group and school appointments are welcome.