“Our Planet” Environmental Crafts Competition

To celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) organises a thematic environmental crafts competition “Our Planet” to enhance public awareness of the plasticity, recyclable characteristics and significance of recyclable wastes through the process of green crafts making.


IAM holds this competition with an aim to enable participants to understand the importance of reuse of recyclable wastes through the creation process, while prompting the public to understand, to concern and to proactively protect the environment. Besides demonstrating creativity and imagination, the participants’ works must be from original idea with functional value, as well as to be made from the waste materials generated in our daily life.


The judging panel of “Our Planet” crafts competition is formed by experienced professionals in related areas. All entries will be assessed and winning works will be selected in consideration of creativity, use of materials, perfection of craftsmanship and subject relevance. Award winning works will be displayed in an open exhibition for public appreciation and for promoting a more profound and deeper understanding about the reuse of waste materials and environmental protection among the general public.