Promotional Activities on the Prevention of Dengue Fever

To effectively prevent dengue fever outbreaks, IAM and the Health Bureau cooperate with various government departments and community groups to organise activities promoting prevention of dengue fever annually. These include large-scale outdoor promotional events and Stagnant Water Removal Day. Through themed performances, booth games and workshops, the public learns more about dengue fever and the ways to prevent it. In addition, IAM reminds the public to clear stagnant water in their homes regularly through publicity in newspapers, and organises a lucky draw to encourage public engagement in prevention of dengue fever. On Stagnant Water Removal Day, residents who remove stagnant water in their homes may register to enter a lucky draw by phone. This event aims to deepen public knowledge of dengue fever and promote the correct procedures for implementing environmental hygiene measures to prevent dengue fever, in order to reduce the chances of outbreaks and safeguard public health in Macao.