Community Clean-up Campaign

The objective of the Macao City Clean-up Campaign, launched in 1993, is to increase public support and cooperation towards improving the city’s living environment and surroundings through a variety of promotional activities.


Continuing social development, increased standards of living, the booming gaming industry and an increase in individual visitors from mainland China have placed increased pressure on the city’s sanitary conditions, while residents have renewed calls for a better living environment. In response, the Macao City Clean-up Campaign has now been run for over 10 consecutive years, attracting participants from local schools, social organisations and neighbourhoods to come together in carrying out the clean-up of the community, including removing the illegal posters, cleaning up remains of chewing gum in pedestrian areas, tidying up the streets, distributing promotional leaflets, delivering talks on cleaning and environmental protection, and holding photo exhibitions and large-scale leisure and cultural activities. The overarching aim is to promote public awareness on community cleanliness, environmental protection and effective use of resources.