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“Tea Fun for Teenagers” Tea Culture Experience Activity
Organised by the Municipal Affairs Bureau and co-organised by the Tea Art Professionals’ Association of Macao, the “Tea Fun for Teenagers” Tea Culture Experience Activity was a learning programme with 4 sessions held in the activity zone on the first floor of the Macao Tea Culture House. It allowed participants to learn step by step about various types of tea, tea etiquette, brewing techniques and miscellaneous knowledge related to tea.

The content of each session of programme included:
  • History and types of tea
  • Setting and application of tea ceremony
  • Knowledge about tea and water
  • Steps and techniques of tea brewing
The activity was carried out in Cantonese and the target group was local residents aged 12 to 24. The quota for each session was 15 persons (Each person can only register for one session.) and it was allocated on a first come, first served basis. The activity was free of charge. 
“Tea Aroma and Melodious Music Fill the Air” Tea Culture Promotion Activity
Organised by the Municipal Affairs Bureau and co-organised by the Macau Youth Tea Culture Promotion Association, the activity “Tea Aroma and Melodious Music Fill the Air”is held in the Macao Tea Culture House with the aim of promoting tea culture. Local tea specialists give talks on tea culture knowledge. In addition to demonstrations of tea brewing techniques on site, local youth Chinese musicians are invited to give performances of classical music, providing participants with experiences of the senses of sight, hearing and taste.

Themes of tea culture knowledge:
Session 1: Brief discussion on the life of Lu Yu and the significance of “The Classic of Tea”
Session 2: Brief discussion on the historical significance of “Treatise on Tea” by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty on tea culture
Session 3: Explanation on the origins of foreign languages of tea
Session 4: Talk on Macao’s important role in tea trade in the 16th to 17th centuries

The activity is conducted in Cantonese. It is free of charge and no advance application is required. The public is welcomed to participate in the activity and enjoy tea tasting on site. 
"Tea Gathering in Macao"
The tea culture promotion activity "Tea Gathering in Macao" was co-organised by the Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Macau Youth Tea Culture Promotion Association. Different knowledge about tea culture was explained by experts, and there were local tea specialists who gave demonstrations of tea making for the participants' tasting.

For this activity, local tea specialists were invited to be the speakers of two sessions of seminars with content as follows:

First session "Brief discussion on tea culture for health and appreciation of zisha pottery art"
The speaker shared with the audience how to drink tea for health and made a brief analysis on the ancient people's wisdom of using tea. In addition, zisha teaware of different shapes and refined craftsmanship were displayed in the venue for the speaker to appreciate the distinctiveness of zisha together with the audience. Tea leaves of Yunnan alpine old tree black tea and dark tea were provided on site to conform to the characteristics of harvest in autumn and storage in winter.

Second session "Appreciation and analysis of the beauty of Jianzhan and the elegance of tea poetry"
The speaker talked about the diversity in forms of putting Jianzhan tea cups into the kilns and finding the pleasure in the process. Moreover, through analysis of poetry about tea, the participants enjoyed the elegance of tea studies. The tea leaves selected on site were alpine old tree dark tea which is suitable for drinking after the heavy snow and has collectable value.. 
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