Points to note when hiking and going to the countryside in autumn

Data de Publicação: 30/09/2022

As it is now autumn in Macao, the weather has become cool and dry, which is very suitable for the public to do outdoor activities and go to the countryside. Meanwhile, the public have to make thorough preparations when they go to the countryside, and cherish and protect the ecological environment when they enjoy nature.

As the autumn weather is cool and dry, the pleasant weather makes autumn a good season for hiking and going to the countryside. In addition to appreciating the natural landscape along the way and relaxing their minds and bodies, the public also have to pay attention to various points when they go hiking. They have to make thorough preparations beforehand, such as planning their trips specifically and carefully, bringing the necessary items, water, phones for communication and first-aid kits, etc. and paying attention to the changes in the weather, so that they can adjust or cancel their trips in advance. They also have to avoid smoking and touching the plants with their hands or bodies. They should not light fires or cook in areas which are not designated barbecue or camping locations or release animals in the hills and woods. They should bring their own garbage with them when they leave, so as to protect the beautiful natural environment.

If the public encounter a snake on a hike, they should remain calm and quiet to avoid making the snake feel threatened. Snakes in general will strike a defensive pose to bluff when they are threatened, but they rarely initiate attacks. Therefore, when the public encounter a snake in the wild, they do not have to drive the snake away on purpose. They should just leave quietly, and refrain from hitting it to kill or injure it. To prevent snake bites, the public should pay attention to their own outfits, such as wear high-top shoes, long shirts and pants, hats, etc. or protective outdoor gear. If the public are unfortunately bitten by a snake, they should remain calm and keep a certain distance from the snake to prevent repeated bites, record the time of the bite and the characteristics of the snake, avoid high intensity activities, and seek help by crying out for help or calling 999 as quickly as possible. IAM urges the public to respect and conserve nature and make space for wild animals to survive. “Snakes are scared of humans and their bites are acts of self-defence. If we respect them and do not irritate them, we can live with them in harmony”.