Recyclable Waste Separation and Recycling Programme in Schools, Community and Government Departments


To promote refuse classification and recycling and an increased appreciation of resources among local students, teachers, residents and government departments, in order to reduce wastage and support environmental protection.


Target participants

Local schools, organisations and government departments.


Method of participation

Completed application forms should be submitted to the Division of Environmental Hygiene of IAM via mail or fax. 


The programme

After assessing the actual on-the-ground needs, IAM will supply eligible schools, organisations, and government departments with separation recycling bins. The participants should follow the rules set forth by IAM, placing the bins at points of easy access to facilitate classification and recycling of recyclable waste.


Refuse collection method

You may seek assistance from IAM or directly contact the recycling operators.


Note: Recycling bins and printed publicity materials are to be supplied by IAM.