In November 2021, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) submitted an application for adding and adjusting approved items of performance pledge to “Comissão de Avaliação dos Serviços Públicos e do Desempenho Organizacional” (Public Service and Organisational Performance Evaluation Committee). If the approval resolution is obtained, the implementation rate of IAM’s overall performance pledge will be increased to 92.65%.

Last Update : 07/01/2022

To promote the latest information about performance pledge recognition to the public through various channels, IAM has published the external performance pledge posters which are displayed at the external service locations of IAM. The public can also view them by clicking the files below: 

External Performance Pledge Poster

Last Update : 26/08/2021

To learn about its service quality, IAM has conducted review and analysis on the implementation of performance pledge in 2019, compiling and publishing the “2019 Service Satisfaction Survey Results” and “Implementation Situation of Service Quality Indicators (2017-2019)”. Related statistics can be found on the website of IAM.

Last Update : 23/09/2020