To learn about its service quality, IAM has conducted review and analysis on the implementation of performance pledge in 2018, compiling and publishing the “2018 Service Satisfaction Survey Results” and “Implementation Situation of Service Quality Indicators (2016-2018)”. Related statistics can be found on the website of IAM.

Last Update : 10/10/2019

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continues to follow up on the work of the performance pledge recognition system. In June 2019, IAM submitted the application for the accredited re-assessment to the “Public Service and Organisational Performance Evaluation Committee”, which will increase the implementation rate of IAM’s performance pledge to 90.09% if approved. In addition, IAM will study and follow up on the “Public Service and Organisational Performance Evaluation System” established in accordance with the Chief Executive Writ of Instruction No. 61/2019 and the related guidance documents in order to increase the implementation rate of its performance pledge and improve its service quality.

Last Update : 10/10/2019

In February 2018, the “Public Service Evaluation Committee” issued the Certificate of Recognition for the accredited re-assessment. This successful accreditation has marked the recognition of our entity’s principle of continuous improvement in quality services.

To view the Performance Pledge Certificates issued by the “Public Service Evaluation Committee”, please click the following:

Performance pledge certificates

Last Update : 14/12/2018