TitlePublish Date
Children’s play area newly added to Edifício do Bairro da Ilha Verde Activity Centre to open and the one in Seac Pai Van Activity Centre to reopen 20/01/2023
Opening hours arrangements of IAM facilities open to the public during Chinese New Year period 19/01/2023
IAM steps up inspections and cleaning of environment and calls for joint effort in maintaining beautiful and clean cityscape 17/01/2023
IAM calls on food and beverage sector to declare price lists in accordance with law 17/01/2023
IAM organises two plant distribution activities on Saturday 12/01/2023
IAM’s Fai Chi Kei Station to operate until end of the year 30/12/2022
IAM urges the public to properly handle domestic waste of people subject to home isolation 16/12/2022
Christmas Market to be held in Tap Seac Square from Saturday 15/12/2022
Children’s playground in zone B in Reservatório Park near Estrada do Reservatório reopens tomorrow as optimisation is completed 14/12/2022
Children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau to be temporarily closed from Monday to Friday for full-scale check and maintenance 09/12/2022
IAM carries out household surveys in enclosed building to provide food supplies 28/11/2022
Marguerite Wonderland – Winter Flower Show 2022 25/11/2022
Bike rental service newly added to Hac Sá Off-Roading Track open for booking 22/11/2022
IAM carries out household surveys in enclosed building to provide food supplies 18/11/2022
Frozen fish fillets test positive for novel coronavirus and the whole batch has been destroyed without entering the market 18/11/2022
Cleaning and disinfection carried out in Macao Government Services Centre in Areia Preta 17/11/2022
IAM steps up cleaning and disinfection of residential building of new imported case 14/11/2022
IAM conducts household surveys in enclosed building to prepare food supplies 14/11/2022
IAM steps up checking and maintenance of play facilities to ensure safety 14/11/2022
“Bringing Joy and Love to Children during Christmas 2022” accepts sponsorship of presents and donations 10/11/2022
IAM optimises information signs in Taipa Grande Trail 07/11/2022
IAM launches restoration works of stone fence in Long Chao Kok Coastal Trail in Coloane 07/11/2022
Opening of children’s playground in Lam Mau postponed to Sunday as affected by weather and online appointment for outdoor sandpit to be launched on Friday 07/11/2022
Subsistence Team distributes extra food supplies to households in lockdown zones in response to typhoon 01/11/2022
Construction works of pumping station and box culvert drains in Bacia Norte do Patane to begin in second quarter of 2023 28/10/2022
Construction plan of additional stormwater drain from Rua de Brás da Rosa to Estrada de Coelho do Amaral 28/10/2022
Children’s playground in Lam Mau to be opened early November with outdoor sandpit only accessible by appointment at early stage to control crowds 28/10/2022
IAM reinforces cleaning and disinfection of the buildings of the residences of confirmed cases 26/10/2022
IAM conducts household surveys in enclosed building to prepare food supplies 26/10/2022
IAM’s Taipa Ponte Negra Activity Centre inaugurated 21/10/2022
Renovation and optimisation works of facilities of old wing of Taipa Municipal Market started, the market remains open in the works period 18/10/2022
Frozen lobster tails test positive for novel coronavirus and the whole batch has been destroyed without entering the market 12/10/2022
Female golden snub-nosed monkey in Seac Pai Van Park passes away from illness 12/10/2022
Children’s entertainment newly added to gateball court of Leisure Area of Kun Iam Statue Waterfront 07/10/2022
Ká Hó Height Barbecue Park temporarily closed for repair and enhancement works 07/10/2022
Points to note when hiking and going to the countryside in autumn 30/09/2022
Playground in zone A in Reservatório Park near Rua dos Pescadores reopens after optimisation is completed 30/09/2022
Sections of Arts Park and Reservatório Park temporarily closed to facilitate works for Macau Grand Prix 30/09/2022
Some locations in green areas in Avenida da Praia, Taipa to be partially enclosed during installation of video recording system 19/09/2022
IAM continuously cares about ancient trees and removes withered trees to ensure public safety 16/09/2022
Second phase of anti-epidemic community cleaning campaign launched as a government-community cooperation to encourage public to clean their living environment 15/09/2022
IAM removes vines in Guia Hill to maintain forests 09/09/2022
IAM to remove two trees infected with brown root rot disease 02/09/2022
“Macao City Clean-up Campaign - School Publicity and Promotional Activities” to launch in September 31/08/2022
Reorganisation of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market to commence in first quarter of 2023 for preservation of façade, update of facilities and layout and separation of dry and wet zones 26/08/2022
IAM steps up garbage clearance in response to typhoon and implements environmental hygiene measures according to actual situation, calling for public cooperation 24/08/2022
Suspension of some IAM electronic services due to system maintenance 24/08/2022
Guia Hill Cable Car to resume operation tomorrow after completion of replacement and testing of main cables 15/08/2022
IAM launches registration platform to help target worker populations in food and beverage sector undergo regular nucleic acid tests in accordance with hygiene guidelines 12/08/2022
IAM launches anti-epidemic community cleaning campaign and clears up 1.5 tons of garbage during hygiene improvement of building clusters in northern district 11/08/2022
Arrangements for Subsistence Team’s support for Red Code building during typhoon 09/08/2022
Supplies delivery service for Edf. Polytec Garden (Bloco 1) suspended today to facilitate nucleic acid tests for households 08/08/2022
IAM organiza campanha de limpeza comunitária para prevenção epidémica com cooperação do Governo e associações para consolidar resultados do combate à epidemia 07/08/2022