TitlePublish Date
Flora Park Children’s Playground to be open for use next Monday onwards 24/03/2023
IAM enriches the southern waterfront to create “Star on Coast” 23/03/2023
Opening hours of Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park adjusted to all day 20/03/2023
Sandpit in Temporary Leisure Area in Doca de Lam Mau to be closed for one day for maintenance 13/03/2023
IAM successively optimises fitness facilities in leisure areas in various districts 09/03/2023
Views on standards for use of food additives are being collected until Friday and sector is welcome to give views 07/03/2023
IAM optimises Coloane Municipal Kennel to increase the overall shelter space by 45% 28/02/2023
IAM continues to promote TNA animal adoption with animal protection groups 28/02/2023
Smooth relocation of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market and reorganisation works to start tomorrow 28/02/2023
Horta da Mitra Municipal Market operates until 27 February, as reorganisation works to be launched and expected to be completed by the end of the year 24/02/2023
The 42nd Macao Green Week – “Passing on the love of nature to build a beautiful city together” 24/02/2023
Macao Municipal Kennel to adjust office hours for public services starting from March 24/02/2023
IAM to hold 4 seminars to discuss the optimisation of standards of use of food additives with the sector 14/02/2023
Food hygiene focus group of Consultative Committee on Municipal Affairs holds meeting to review implementation of “Public Market Management Regime” 10/02/2023
IAM unclogged and cleared over 244,000 metres of sewers last year, continuously monitoring drainage system to ensure normal operation 08/02/2023
Certain e-services to suspend intermittently during IAM system maintenance 08/02/2023
Children’s play area newly added to Edifício do Bairro da Ilha Verde Activity Centre to open and the one in Seac Pai Van Activity Centre to reopen 20/01/2023
Opening hours arrangements of IAM facilities open to the public during Chinese New Year period 19/01/2023
IAM steps up inspections and cleaning of environment and calls for joint effort in maintaining beautiful and clean cityscape 17/01/2023
IAM calls on food and beverage sector to declare price lists in accordance with law 17/01/2023
IAM organises two plant distribution activities on Saturday 12/01/2023
IAM’s Fai Chi Kei Station to operate until end of the year 30/12/2022
IAM urges the public to properly handle domestic waste of people subject to home isolation 16/12/2022
Christmas Market to be held in Tap Seac Square from Saturday 15/12/2022
Children’s playground in zone B in Reservatório Park near Estrada do Reservatório reopens tomorrow as optimisation is completed 14/12/2022
Children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau to be temporarily closed from Monday to Friday for full-scale check and maintenance 09/12/2022
IAM carries out household surveys in enclosed building to provide food supplies 28/11/2022
Marguerite Wonderland – Winter Flower Show 2022 25/11/2022
Bike rental service newly added to Hac Sá Off-Roading Track open for booking 22/11/2022
IAM carries out household surveys in enclosed building to provide food supplies 18/11/2022
Frozen fish fillets test positive for novel coronavirus and the whole batch has been destroyed without entering the market 18/11/2022
Cleaning and disinfection carried out in Macao Government Services Centre in Areia Preta 17/11/2022
IAM steps up cleaning and disinfection of residential building of new imported case 14/11/2022
IAM conducts household surveys in enclosed building to prepare food supplies 14/11/2022
IAM steps up checking and maintenance of play facilities to ensure safety 14/11/2022
“Bringing Joy and Love to Children during Christmas 2022” accepts sponsorship of presents and donations 10/11/2022
IAM optimises information signs in Taipa Grande Trail 07/11/2022
IAM launches restoration works of stone fence in Long Chao Kok Coastal Trail in Coloane 07/11/2022
Opening of children’s playground in Lam Mau postponed to Sunday as affected by weather and online appointment for outdoor sandpit to be launched on Friday 07/11/2022
Subsistence Team distributes extra food supplies to households in lockdown zones in response to typhoon 01/11/2022
Construction works of pumping station and box culvert drains in Bacia Norte do Patane to begin in second quarter of 2023 28/10/2022
Construction plan of additional stormwater drain from Rua de Brás da Rosa to Estrada de Coelho do Amaral 28/10/2022
Children’s playground in Lam Mau to be opened early November with outdoor sandpit only accessible by appointment at early stage to control crowds 28/10/2022
IAM reinforces cleaning and disinfection of the buildings of the residences of confirmed cases 26/10/2022
IAM conducts household surveys in enclosed building to prepare food supplies 26/10/2022
IAM’s Taipa Ponte Negra Activity Centre inaugurated 21/10/2022
Renovation and optimisation works of facilities of old wing of Taipa Municipal Market started, the market remains open in the works period 18/10/2022
Frozen lobster tails test positive for novel coronavirus and the whole batch has been destroyed without entering the market 12/10/2022
Female golden snub-nosed monkey in Seac Pai Van Park passes away from illness 12/10/2022