Arrangements for Subsistence Team’s support for Red Code building during typhoon

Publish Date: 09/08/2022

As the tropical cyclone signal no. 3 is in force in Macao now, the Subsistence Team will distribute extra vegetables and frozen meat food packs or emergency food packs for two days to the households in Edf. Polytec Garden (Bloco 1) which is on lockdown for epidemic prevention today (9 August). The food packs serve as storage food in case of food not able to be delivered at the door during the typhoon period, so as to satisfy the basic needs for food of the households.

On the basis of public safety, the Subsistence Team will remove the outdoor canopy tents and facilities in the Red Code Zone in due course, and will set them up again after the typhoon. During the passage of typhoon, the service of collection of the life supplies delivered by friends and relatives of the households in the Red Code building will be suspended. If the households have urgent needs, please call the hotline of the Municipal Affairs Bureau at 283337676 or the support hotline of the Social Welfare Bureau at 28261126. The Subsistence Team will handle the cases as soon as possible.

The households in the Red Code building have been notified of the arrangements concerned through mobile phone text messages. The Subsistence Team will pay close attention to the changes in the weather conditions and will notify the households through mobile phone text messages upon resumption of services. The Subsistence Team appeals for the households’ understanding.