Limited access to section of Calçada da Surpresa due to substitution of anti-slip tiles

Publish Date: 04/05/2022

As the road surface of the pavement in Calçada da Surpresa is relatively steep and becomes slippery on rainy days, pedestrians may easily slip and fall. To improve the situation, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) is carrying out construction works to lay the anti-slip porous tiles in Calçada da Surpresa from May 5 to improve the safety and comfort of the pedestrian environment.

The construction works are expected to be completed in July. During the work period, the mentioned pavement will be partially enclosed and access to the road will be limited. IAM apologises for the inconvenience caused and reminds the public to pay attention to the condition of the road and exercise caution. Furthermore, franchised companies will also carry out construction works to lay pipes for power and water supply and telecommunication cables in the surrounding area to reduce the chance of repeat excavation.