Subsistence Team appeals to relatives and friends of residents in Red Code Zones not to send non-urgent subsistence supplies

Publish Date: 04/07/2022

To fight the pandemic with the residents in the Red Code Zones, the Subsistence Team continues to assist them with daily dietary needs, door-to-door waste collection, etc., and delivers necessary and urgent supplies that relatives and friends send to the residents via the “delivery points of materials” every day from 3 pm to 5 pm, such as medicines, milk powder, personal hygiene products, cleaning and disinfection products, etc.

At present, the duration of lockdown is generally not too long. All households in Red Code Zones are given sufficient supplies, namely emergency food packs including noodles and canned food, and vegetables and frozen meat food packs that are enough for three people for two days every two days. The Subsistence Team appeals to the relatives and friends of the residents in the Red Code Zones not to send numerous non-urgent subsistence supplies, so as not to hinder the normal work of the Subsistence Team. The public are requested to be considerate of the workload of the frontline personnel and cooperate with pandemic prevention work.

The list of non-urgent subsistence supplies not to be delivered includes:

l   Alcoholic beverages: beer, red and white wine, etc.;

l   Leisure drinks: bottled or canned drinks, bubble tea and other hand-shaken drinks;

l   Perishable food: fresh or frozen meat, ice cream, sushi, etc.;

l   Delivered takeaways;

l   Others: cigarettes, rice weighing ten kilograms or more, bottled water for water coolers, home appliances, flowers, exercise bikes, etc.