Renovation and optimisation works of facilities of old wing of Taipa Municipal Market started, the market remains open in the works period

Publish Date: 18/10/2022

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continuously carries out optimisation of the facilities and ancillary facilities of markets. The renovation and the optimisation works of the facilities of the old wing of Taipa Municipal Market started on 20 October. During the works period, the market will remain open but the entrance and exit of the main door of the market in Rua do Regedor will be closed and the freight and passenger lifts and indoor stairs near the main door of the market will be temporarily out of service. The public can use the entrances and exits in Rua do Sol and Largo dos Bombeiros and proceed to the vending area on the first floor by using the indoor stairs and freight and passenger lifts beside these two entrances and exits.

To follow up with the previous stage of construction works to expand the atrium of Taipa Municipal Market, this stage of constructions works will mainly involve the renovation of the existing stalls and reorganisation of the layout, as well as the widening of the public corridors, so as to optimise the business environment and the ancillary facilities of the market and make it more convenient for the public to do their shopping. The bottom-up approach will be adopted, and the construction works will be carried out storey by storey and in stages. Some of the stalls originally located on the ground floor and first floor in the old wing will be temporarily closed during the works period, while the rest will be arranged to be relocated to temporary stalls to continue their business depending on the stage of construction until the works are finished.

To facilitate the smooth commencement of the construction works, IAM continues to maintain communication with the stall vendors and listen to their opinions. IAM has met with the affected stall vendors previously to inform them about the situation and to coordinate with them. The stall vendors have expressed their compliance and they hope that the construction works will be commenced as soon as possible.