Horta da Mitra Municipal Market operates until 27 February, as reorganisation works to be launched and expected to be completed by the end of the year

Publish Date: 24/02/2023

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will launch the reorganisation works of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market in March. In addition to preserving the architectural façade of the market building and updating the facilities, the interior layout will be reorganised to separate the dry and wet zones, so as to provide a good shopping experience for the public. After discussion with vendors, the market will operate until 27 February, and operation will cease and relocation will be carried out starting from 28 February. Preliminary preparation work, such as improvement of environmental hygiene and rodent elimination, will be carried out subsequently. The construction works are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

IAM previously held explanatory sessions for the vendors in Horta da Mitra Municipal Market to introduce to them the reorganisation plan and relocation arrangements. The vendors have reached a consensus to suspend all their businesses during the works period to facilitate the full implementation of the reorganisation works.

Preservation of façade, update of facilities and separation of dry and wet zones in the layout

Built in 1939, Horta da Mitra Municipal Market has been an important place for residents in the area to purchase fresh and live food. The sewerage network, heat dissipation and ventilation system, lighting and illumination facilities, etc. inside the market have become worn. Even though IAM has carried out multiple repairs, the deterioration of the facilities has not been improved and comprehensive reorganisation works of the market have become necessary. At the same time, optimisation of equipment and facilities is also necessary to improve the business environment of the market and provide a good shopping experience for the public. To listen to and collect the opinions about the reorganisation of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market from market vendors, architecture conservation professionals and associations in the area, IAM held workshops and explanatory sessions to collect more ideas for the formulation of a plan to reorganise Horta da Mitra Municipal Market.

The reorganisation plan will preserve the architectural appearance of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market, install an air-conditioning and ventilation system, improve the lighting system, adjust the location of the public toilet and the ratio of male and female toilet cubicles, update the sewerage system and add barrier-free facilities in the market. As there are only 13 stalls operating in the market currently, space conditions are available for reorganisation of the layout of market stalls. The different zones in the market will be reorganised to accommodate the work procedures of market vendors and the habits of consumers. In particular, independent entrances and exits will be installed in both the vending zone and work zone to separate the dynamic flow of consumers shopping in the market from the transportation of goods, so as to achieve separation of the dry and wet zones. In coordination with the air-conditioning and ventilation system and the routine management of the market, the wet environment inside the traditional market will be improved, a comfortable and neat image of the market will be created and the public can enjoy a good shopping experience. The reorganisation works are expected to be completed by the end of this year.