IAM unclogged and cleared over 244,000 metres of sewers last year, continuously monitoring drainage system to ensure normal operation

Publish Date: 08/02/2023

In 2022, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) unclogged and cleared more than 244,000 metres of public sewers and storm drains in various districts for more than 31,800 times. A total of 839 inspections were carried out on grease interceptors in food and beverage establishments and 99 written records were issued to establishments whose grease interceptors did not function as required. In addition, a total of 582 drainage inspections on construction sites were carried out, and a total of 32 cases of illegal sewage discharge were prosecuted.

IAM continues to step up inspections and clearance of public sewers across Macao. Carrying out this work regularly and preventively becomes a main task. In 2022, a total of more than 244,000 metres of sewers were unclogged and cleared, a year-on-year increase of 17% compared with 2021, and the clearance of storm drains basically covered the whole city. Last year, more than 12,800 metres of sewers were checked and analysed with sewer endoscope cameras for early detection of drainage system problems and follow-up. In addition, about 2,200 complaints about sewerage were received last year, and the number of cases related to sewerage problems has decreased by nearly 20% compared with 2021.

With respect to sewage discharge by food and beverage establishments and construction sites, IAM issued 99 written records in 2022 on poor cleaning of grease interceptors and ordered compulsory closures of 9 establishments that had not improved their grease interceptors for a prolonged period of time. The number of violations of regulations dropped by 50% compared with the previous year. Illegal sewage discharge by construction sites also decreased by 40% compared with the previous year, reflecting that businesses and the construction industry were paying increasing attention to proper sewage discharge. IAM will continue to step up inspections in all aspects and crack down on illegal sewage discharge this year to prevent grease blockages caused by relevant venues that may result in poor drainage.

IAM will also carry out inspections on the operation of various public drainage systems in order, and especially step up preventive inspections and clearance of drainage networks in locations that were prone to flood in the past in response to rainy season. Various emergency response measures are in place, including arranging staff and outsourced personnel to be on 24-hour standby and unclog drains urgently during rainy seasons to ensure normal operation of sewage and drainage systems. IAM once again appeals to the trades not to discharge sewage in violation of regulations and affect drainage operation. For information on the operation and maintenance of grease interceptors and wastewater filtration equipment of construction sites, please visit the relevant columns in the resources page of the IAM website (https://www.iam.gov.mo/e/resource/).