IAM publishes regular random food inspection results of 1st quarter this year, with a 99% pass rate

Publish Date: 28/04/2022

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continues to carry out supervisory sampling inspections of food safety in order to assess the consumption risks of food products on the market and their hygienic conditions. A total of 872 food samples were randomly collected in the first quarter of this year for inspections, with a 99.8% overall pass rate.

The 872 food samples collected for random inspections in the first quarter included 472 samples of general food products on the market and 400 samples of food products from the catering sector, with random inspection points covering food establishments, takeaway stores, supermarkets, grocery stores and shopping centres in different districts of Macao. IAM carried out inspections of collected samples with microbiological analyses of common pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and listeria monocytogenes; chemical analyses of heavy metals, food additives and prohibited substances among others; and radiological analyses of radioactive substances such as radioisotopes of cesium and iodine.

Among the food samples inspected in the first quarter, the use of the banned substance boric acid was found in a dumpling sample, suspiciously violating the provision of the “List of Prohibited Substances for Use in Food”. In addition, in the random inspection of a food establishment, vibrio parahaemolyticus was found in the raw marinated shrimp sample, which failed to meet the requirements of the “Microbiological Guidelines for Ready-to-eat Food” in effect in Macao (GL 009 DAS 2015). No abnormality has been found in the results of regular random inspections of the remaining 870 food samples. IAM has taken measures in relation to the aforementioned issues, ordering the establishments in question to suspend the supply and sale of the products, to review and reorganise the process of handling food products and the hygienic conditions of the staff. In the meantime, IAM has issued the press release to publish the issues, sent staff to carry out follow-up inspection, with a view to guaranteeing food safety.

In order to prevent and reduce risks to food safety, IAM reminds food product operators that they must comply with the “Food Safety Law” and the respective regulations in their operation. IAM will continue to carry out supervisory sampling inspections of food safety and hygienic inspections of establishments. If potential risks to food safety are identified, prevention and control measures such as detention and destruction of unqualified food products, and ordering the suspension of business to reorganisation will be adopted according to the levels of risk, in accordance with the “Food Safety Law”. The results of regular food inspections for the first quarter of this year have already been uploaded to IAM’s Food Safety Information website (www.foodsafety.gov.mo) and Food Safety Information mobile application for public reference.