IAM reopens gardens, parks, leisure areas and hiking trails during new “consolidation period” for leisure and stress relief of the public

Publish Date: 29/07/2022

During the three-day “consolidation period” starting from 30 July, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will further reopen gardens, parks, leisure areas and the hiking trails in Taipa and Coloane, providing the public with more venues for leisure, taking a walk and relaxation of the body and mind. However, the children’s play areas, fitness equipment, pavilions and other facilities will still be enclosed to avoid crowd gathering.

Members of the public using the green and leisure venues should comply with the anti-epidemic guidelines of the health authorities, wear up-to-standard masks properly, maintain appropriate social distance and refrain from strenuous exercise such as running and cycling. The public entering gardens and parks are required to undergo temperature measurement, produce the green health codes and take itinerary records.

IAM appeals to the public to cooperate with epidemic prevention measures and pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene, jointly safeguarding the achievement in epidemic prevention.

The gardens, parks, leisure areas, dog parks, cycle tracks, hiking trails and other leisure spaces in various districts in Macao will be open to the public with the same opening hours as those before the epidemic, but the free sports grounds will remain closed temporarily. In accordance with the adjustments of the anti-epidemic policy of the health authorities, IAM will open all green, leisure and recreational facilities when conditions allow.