Indoor facilities and venues of IAM temporarily closed to the public from today

Publish Date: 25/09/2021

In view of the latest situation of the novel coronavirus pneumonia and to facilitate prevention and control work, the activity centres in various districts, indoor facilities and venues, under the management of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) are temporarily closed to the public starting from 25 September until further notice. During the period, the activities and interest classes held at the venues concerned are also suspended. Outdoor facilities such as parks, gardens and leisure areas, remain open as usual. The public are advised to pay attention to the arrangement.

The venues temporarily closed to the public include:

Activity centres in various districts

²  S. Domingos Activity Centre

²  S. Lourenço Activity Centre

²  Iao Hon Activity Centre

²  Rotunda de Carlos da Maia Activity Centre

²  Fai Chi Kei Activity Centre

²  Patane Activity Centre

²  Seac Pai Van Activity Centre

²  Ká Hó Activity Centre

²  Edifício do Bairro da Ilha Verde Activity Centre


Indoor exhibition and educational venues

²  IAM Building

²  Commemorative Gallery of the Macao Basic Law

²  Exhibition Centre of The Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics

²  Chon Chou Tong and Iong Sam Tong Pavilion in Lou Lim Ioc Park

²  Macao Tea Culture House

²  Civic Education Resource Centre

²  Civic Education Kiosk at Praça de Ponte e Horta

²  Food Information Corner

²  Mong Há Eco-Centre

²  Guia Hill Military Tunnels

²  Guia Hill Nature Information Station

²  Activity Room of Flower City Park

²  Carmo Hall

²  Pavilion of Animal Specimens in Macao

²  Natural and Agrarian Museum

²  Macao Giant Panda Information Centre

²  Macao Giant Panda Gift Shop


Indoor animal pavilions

²  Flora Park - Cute Animal Zone

²  Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

²  Pavilion of Rare Animals