All areas of Ecological Pond in western section of Avenida da Praia, Taipa open for visits on festivals and holidays

Publish Date: 28/01/2022

In view of “World Wetlands Day”, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will open all areas of the ecological pond in the western section of Avenida da Praia, Taipa to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on festivals and holidays from January 29 so that the public can experience for themselves a green lifestyle in harmony with nature.

The ecological pond located in the western section of Avenida da Praia, Taipa is currently an important ecological zone in the whole wetland. After many years of continuous optimisation, the biodiversity of the wetland has been increased. Many animals such as egrets and forest birds, dragonflies and butterflies, etc. inhabit the wetland area. To make it convenient for the public to visit and learn about the biodiversity in the western section of the wetland, explanation boards have been installed in the area by IAM to introduce the basic information about the birds, insects, aquatic plants, etc. Meanwhile, visitors can scan the QR codes available on the explanation boards to browse the Biological Database of Macao for detailed popular science information about the species.

Wetlands are transitional zones between terrestrial ecosystems and aquatic ecosystems. Wetlands, together with forest ecosystem and marine ecosystem, are considered the three largest ecosystems in the world. The functions of wetlands include water purification, water storage, sedimentation and facilitation of nutrient circulation, etc. Wetlands are often regarded as the “Earth’s kidneys”, and they have a high level of biodiversity. “World Wetlands Day” is celebrated annually on February 2, and the theme of this year is “Wetlands Action for People and Nature”, which highlights the urgency of the adoption of wetland conservation measures and shows the importance of wetlands in combatting climate change, and achieving the goals of biodiversity and sustainability. Although the wetland area in Macao is small and located next to the urban area, the biodiversity in this small wetland still provides an abundant food source for birds. A lot of birds are attracted to forage and breed in this wetland every year, and this wetland plays an important role in maintaining the ecological balance in Macao.

IAM has continuously committed to the conservation of local biological resources. IAM urges the public to keep silent and refrain from disturbing the organisms while viewing the beautiful nature and breathing in fresh air. They should also bring their garbage with them when they leave the area, and comply with regulations such as “General Regulations Governing Public Places”, so as to love and protect nature together.