Children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau to be temporarily closed from Monday to Friday for full-scale check and maintenance

Publish Date: 09/12/2022

Since its opening in mid-November, the children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau has attracted lots of visitors including children. The venue has been used for nearly a month, and the facilities in the venue have been frequently used especially during the holidays. To ensure safety, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will carry out full-scale check and maintenance on the facilities from next Monday to Friday (12-16 December). During this period, the children’s playground will be closed. The public is advised to pay attention to the measure. In addition, IAM will carry out regular check and maintenance on the large-scale play facilities in leisure areas, parks and gardens to ensure public safety, and continue to step up cleaning and disinfection to maintain environmental hygiene.

The children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau has a lot of visitors, with all kinds of children’s play facilities there being used frequently. The check this time is mainly to perform a full-scale inspection, evaluation and maintenance of more than ten facilities in the venue, including the slides, climbing frames, rope nets and sandpit, after nearly a month of trial operation, analyse the current use of the play facilities, and provide optimisation suggestions if necessary. As scaffolding and other equipment are needed in the venue for checking certain facilities, the playground and its facilities have to be closed during the check and maintenance period in order to ensure public safety and smooth work progress. IAM apologises for the inconvenience caused. The public is advised to not enter the venue when it is closed and to pay attention to safety.

IAM will closely monitor the use of various facilities as well as the arrangement of venues, continue to listen to views and make timely adjustments and improvements, and strive to provide more diverse and high-quality leisure spaces for the public to use.