IAM continuously cares about ancient trees and removes withered trees to ensure public safety

Publish Date: 16/09/2022

The tree maintenance staff of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) have continuously carried out inspection, monitoring, maintenance and treatment work on ancient trees. They have recently arranged height control treatment and applied medication on an ancient candlenut tree in Guia Hill Municipal Park, whose growth condition has suddenly deteriorated. Furthermore, the health conditions of one camphor tree, one Norfolk Island pine tree and one ancient persimmon-leaved Litsea tree have not improved despite continuous monitoring and maintenance and these trees have recently shown signs of withering. The removal of these trees will be arranged within this month in consideration of public safety.

An ancient candlenut tree inside Guia Hill Municipal Park has been under continuous observation and treated with medication by tree maintenance staff as its growth condition has suddenly deteriorated and it has become endangered. Height control treatment has also been arranged to lower the risk of probable collapse.

Furthermore, last year, tree maintenance staff found that one persimmon-leaved Litsea tree in Luís de Camões Park, one camphor tree in Guia Hill Municipal Park and one ancient Norfolk Island pine tree in Vitória Garden have not grown well. The health conditions of the trees have not improved after more than a year of observation and a series of maintenance and rejuvenation work. Currently, there are no leaves on the three mentioned trees nor are there any signs of sprouting. Parts of the roots and the bark at the base of the trunks have become dead and have withered. Therefore, it is planned that they will be successively removed within this month. During the work period, the public are reminded to pay attention and not to enter the work area to avoid accidents.

The branches of trees are at risk of breaking after being affected by wind and rain. The public should avoid entering wooded areas and staying under trees during periods of wind and rain and a few days afterwards. IAM calls on the public to protect the precious tree resources together, and notify IAM by “IAM Connect” or calling the Civic Service Hotline at 2833 7676 if they found any abnormalities on trees.