Subsistence Team continues to support buildings listed as Red Code Zones

Publish Date: 01/07/2022

    While Tropical Cyclone Signal No.3 is being hoisted in Macao, the Subsistence Team continues to carry out screenings and distribute subsistence supplies for the buildings listed as Red Code Zones. Today (1 July), surveys on households were carried out for four buildings newly listed as Red Code Zones, namely Edf. Hong Tai, Nam Wa San Chun (Block 5), Edf. Tim Fok and Edf. Lai Heng. In addition, to meet the basic dietary needs of the residents, vegetables and frozen meat food packs or emergency food packs for four days were distributed to the households of these buildings as food reserves as door-to-door delivery of vegetables and frozen meat food packs or boxed meals is suspended during the typhoon. Boxed meals were also provided for people with special needs.

    In the early hours today, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) completed the large-scale cleaning and disinfection of the public spaces of the four buildings, and set up temporary nucleic acid sampling stations and frontline coordination stations in the lockdown and precautionary zones. The Subsistence Team will pay close attention to the changes in local weather and inform households of any changes in various services via mobile phone SMS messages, and keep the public informed of the related information through press releases. The households of the buildings listed as Red Code Zones are advised to pay attention to the information.