IAM urges the public to properly handle domestic waste of people subject to home isolation

Publish Date: 16/12/2022

To comply with the measures implemented by the health authorities for home isolation treatment of infected persons, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continues to strengthen garbage collection efforts and urges the public to properly handle the domestic waste created by people subject to home isolation by wrapping it properly and disinfecting it before discarding it.

People subject to home isolation create a certain amount of domestic waste in their daily lives, including used tissue paper, face masks, disposable gloves, etc. If the domestic waste is not properly discarded, it may cause secondary pollution. Therefore, the domestic waste must be placed inside a plastic bag which is then tied off and sealed tightly. After that, diluted household bleach or disinfectant alcohol must be sprayed on the exterior and knot of the sealed plastic bag. The domestic waste must be temporarily stored in a lidded garbage bin and cleared daily. Before discarding the garbage, it should be ensured that the plastic bag is packed properly with no leakage. The garbage can then be discarded in garbage collection facilities as usual.

Infected persons or their family members can log on to the “home isolation information website” https://iasapp4.ias.gov.mo/homeQuarantine for reference about frequently asked questions and call the “Covid-19 confirmed cases support hotline” 28700600 for enquiries. IAM will also continue to reinforce the promotion of information about proper handling of domestic waste.