IAM removes vines in Guia Hill to maintain forests

Publish Date: 09/09/2022

Typhoons in recent years have caused serious damage to the mountain forests in Macao and accelerated the growth of vines that subsequently cover a large area of ​​mountain forests, affecting the normal growth of trees and making the natural regeneration of forest areas impossible. Therefore, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) carries out forest restoration work in sequence, including the recent work to remove Hypserpa nitida, kudzu vine, love-vine and invasive alien species such as railway creeper and bitter vine, as well as some dead trees and domestic waste. Preliminary work of tree planting, such as digging tree holes, backfilling with external soil and soil improvement, will be carried out depending on the conditions of the surrounding forest areas of Guia Hill after removing the vines.

A healthy forest habitat with biodiversity value should contain distinct layers of herbs, shrubs, and trees. However, in recent years, many seemingly lush mountains in Macao are actually harmed by vines. To prevent the affected forest areas from losing their ecological functions, which will otherwise damage the surrounding healthy forest areas and affect the landscape of the park, IAM continues to carry out maintenance and vine removal in the forests in various districts. Work has been carried out in Taipa Grande, Taipa Pequena, Coloane Trail, Oscar Trail, Ká Hó Height Barbecue Park, and the mountain forests near Povoação Hác Sá.

IAM plans to carry out the fourth phase of mountain forest restoration in five locations in three areas, including: Guia Hill in Macao, north of Monte de Ká Hó/south of Estrada do Altinho de Ká Hó and Alto de Coloane in Coloane, occupying thirty five hectares in total. Based on their current conditions and geographical features, the areas are planned to be three types of dedicated restoration zones: ecology, coastal protection, and forest restoration. Preliminary afforestation operations in each area include: preservation of existing trees, removal of vines, dead and endangered trees and invasive alien plants, digging tree holes, soil improvement, etc.