Rua da Emenda is in good order with crowd control measure adopted during the daytime

Publish Date: 24/07/2022

As Macao has entered the “consolidation period” of pandemic prevention and control, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continues to adopt crowd control measure in Rua da Emenda and some road sections of Rua de Tomé Pires today (24 July) during the daytime from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm. The overall operation has been smooth.

IAM calls on the public to go to Patane Market, Bairro Iao Hon Municipal Market, S. Lourenço Municipal Market Complex and other public markets, and Rua da Emenda for shopping during off-peak hours. Queue barriers have been set up outside the markets, and the public have to enter the markets in order under the guidance of the staff. Meanwhile, special passages have been arranged for the elderly and people with mobility issues. The public are required to avoid crowd gatherings, keep social distancing, and wear masks of KN95 or above specifications all the time, and scan the Venue Codes and undergo temperature measurement when entering the venues. Their Health Codes are required to be green.

Currently, the public can only proceed towards Avenida de Horta e Costa after entering Rua da Emenda, and the section of Rua de Tomé Pires situated between Rua do Lu Cao and Rua do Rebanho has been restricted to one way forward only. IAM has installed signs at the road junctions on site and sent additional staff to carry out inspections.