IAM steps up inspections of licensed establishments and urges business establishments to cooperate with measures for hygiene and pandemic prevention

Publish Date: 23/07/2022

During the “consolidation period” starting from today, barbershops can operate on a limited basis. Dine-in service remains suspended in food and beverage establishments and they can only offer takeaway service. Cinemas, beauty parlours, amusement game centres, cyber cafes and other establishments remain closed. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has stepped up inspections of establishments licensed and supervised by IAM in various districts and found that a few barbershops failed to strictly implement the pandemic prevention guidelines on operation of establishments. The barbershops have made improvements after rectification by the authorities.

In accordance with the Chief Executive Writ of Instruction, starting from today (23 July), barbershops can operate on a limited basis under the prerequisite of compliance with the pandemic prevention requirements of the health authorities. All customers entering barbershops are required to have a valid green Health Code of the day, scan the Venue Codes for itinerary records and wear KN95 face masks or those of higher standards. Today (23 July), IAM reminded the industries again via mobile phone SMS messages that they are required to strictly implement relevant pandemic prevention guidelines. Barbershops should control the people flow through appointments and other measures and arrange customers to sit in alternate seats. In addition, they are required to step up the disinfection and cleaning of towels, hair cutting tools and other items.

    According to the pandemic prevention guidelines issued by the health authorities on operation of establishments, practitioners including those working in barbershops, food and beverage establishments and takeaway shops, and vendors and hawkers in markets are required to complete rapid antigen tests before working every day, and undergo one nucleic acid test every two days. They are also required to take adequate personal hygiene protection measures during work to protect the health of themselves and consumers.