Service of supplies delivery suspended today for five buildings listed as Red Code Zones to facilitate nucleic acid sampling for households

Publish Date: 11/07/2022

As the Health Bureau has arranged the households of Edf. San Mei On (Bloco 2), Edf. Kuong Wa (Bloco 8), Chun Pek (Bloco 2), and Edf. Yau Kai to undergo nucleic acid sampling in the afternoon today (11 July), and to facilitate the nucleic acid sampling for the households in Nam Wa San Chun in the morning, the delivery of vegetables and frozen meat food packs has to be rescheduled for the afternoon. Therefore, the service of delivering supplies from relatives and friends for the households of the above-mentioned buildings listed as Red Code Zones originally scheduled for 3 pm to 5 pm today is suspended. Relevant households are advised to understand the measure and ask their relatives and friends not to send supplies to the site today.