Subsistence Team appeals to households in Red Code Zones to cooperate with anti-epidemic work

Publish Date: 12/07/2022

Currently a number of buildings in Macao have been listed as Red Code Zones. The residents in Red Code Zones are subject to quarantine and required to stay at home, pay attention to personal hygiene and hygiene of the living environment, dispose of domestic waste properly and cooperate with anti-epidemic work in accordance with the epidemic prevention and hygiene guidelines.

During provision of support services for the residents in Red Code Zones, the Subsistence Team found that some individuals in Edf. San Mei On Bloco II, Edf. Lok Fu Garden, Edf. Son Lei and other lockdown buildings did not comply with the hygiene guidelines and the advice from anti-epidemic personnel. The issues included leaving their residential units without authorisation, walking in the corridors of buildings without wearing face masks, improper disposal of domestic waste and even taking others’ subsistence supplies, etc. The Subsistence Team reiterates that households have the responsibility for maintaining public order and environmental hygiene of the common space in the buildings for the benefits of themselves and others. To reduce the risk of the spread of virus, during the lockdown periods of buildings, residents in Red Code Zones are prohibited from leaving their units without authorisation to carry out activities and visit others in the lobbies, corridors or staircases of buildings. Meanwhile, they are required to wrap the domestic waste properly to avoid leakage and discard it in the correct way at specific hours. They should not place the garbage outside the doors too early in advance nor should they litter in the corridors, staircases, yards and atriums, so as to avoid causing the hazard of spreading epidemic diseases in the community. Unwanted furniture, electrical appliances and other miscellaneous objects must not be discarded to prevent hindering the normal work of the cleaning personnel.

The Subsistence Team provides basic subsistence support for the residents in lockdown zones, including timely distribution of sufficient vegetables and frozen meat food packs to every household and delivery of urgent life supplies on behalf of the friends and relatives of the households. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) collects the domestic waste of households at the doors from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every evening while cleaning and disinfection of the public space in the buildings are carried out simultaneously. Residents are advised to understand the burden of the frontline personnel and cooperate with anti-epidemic work.