IAM appeals to food sector to take proper precautionary measures against food safety risks during typhoon

Publish Date: 12/10/2021

As the Tropical Cyclone “Kompasu” is gradually approaching Macao, it is expected to bring unstable weather to the city. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) appeals to persons in charge of food production and operation establishments in low-lying areas to take preventive measures against floods and power outages, and protect food and goods properly to avoid contamination.

In case of food and establishments affected by floods or power outages, the business establishments must not provide or sell discarded, spoiled or rotten food for others’ consumption, so as to avoid being prosecuted for violation of the “Food Safety Law”. The mentioned offence is punishable by a maximum fine of MOP 600,000 or imprisonment of up to 5 years upon conviction. They should also adopt appropriate follow-up measures, such as thorough cleaning and disinfection of the establishments, to prevent the risk of foodborne diseases caused by contamination of food or deterioration of environmental hygiene. Moreover, the food sector should fully cooperate in food safety work, wrap discarded food properly and transport it to the incineration plant for disposal by themselves, thus preventing others from picking it up and affecting food safety and environmental hygiene.

In addition, food discarded due to power outages or floods is definitely unsuitable for consumption. Therefore, IAM reminds the public not too receive or purchase contaminated food. If any suspicious situation is found, the public can report it to IAM by calling the Food Safety Hotline 2833 8181.

IAM has compiled relevant guidelines, a series of guides with illustrations and texts as well as educational videos. They are uploaded to the designated webpage of “Food Safety Tips after a Power Outage or Flood” on the Food Safety Information Website www.foodsafety.gov.mo to offer suggestions and rules about safety of drinking water and food, cleaning and disinfection, follow-up maintenance and others. The food sector and the public are welcomed to visit the webpage for the prevention of food risks and the follow-up and restoration of hygiene with joint efforts.