Slaughterhouse to suspend supply of fresh beef from tomorrow and supply of over 300 live pigs not affected

Publish Date: 22/06/2022

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) previously launched the pandemic prevention plan of the slaughterhouse and the operation was smooth over the past few days. Due to human resources constraints, the supply of fresh beef will be suspended from tomorrow (23 June). The supply of fresh pork will not be affected, and over 300 live pigs will still be supplied tomorrow. IAM appeals to the public and the trade for their understanding.

To stabilise the supply and price of fresh meat, IAM and the Macau Slaughter House Ltd. jointly launched the pandemic prevention plan from 20 June. The slaughterhouse staff work in two groups on alternate shifts and start their shifts earlier to avoid the quarantine isolation of all staff owing to confirmed cases of certain staff and halting the operations of the slaughterhouse. Since the plan is launched, a total of 1,198 live pigs and 14 live cows were slaughtered in three days. An average of about 399 live pigs and 4 to 5 live cows was slaughtered daily, which was over 50% more than the number before the pandemic.                                                                              

Currently, the majority of meat supplied on the local market is frozen meat. The supply of chilled and frozen pork in Macao is abundant. IAM will continue to maintain close contact with the relevant departments in Mainland China, Nam Yue (Group) Co. Ltd. and Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited and the Macau Slaughter House Ltd. to timely adjust the measures according to the changes of the pandemic and safeguard the supply of fresh pork as much as possible.