IAM conducts household surveys in enclosed building to prepare food supplies

Publish Date: 26/10/2022

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has formed a Subsistence Team together with the Public Security Police Force and the Social Welfare Bureau, which has conducted household surveys in the building in the red code zone to understand the actual number of residents and their basic needs, so as to provide living necessities. At the same time, IAM assists the Health Bureau in arranging for each resident of the enclosed building to undergo sample collection for nucleic acid screening against the virus in groups and in an orderly manner.


Staff wearing protective equipment will record information such as the number of people, contact telephone numbers, the number of the elderly and people with special needs, etc. in each household. At the same time, they will distribute promotional leaflets to the households about the various measures, arrangements and emergency contact information during the lockdown period. In order to make the registration process smoother, residents are urged to prepare the health code and the information required for registration as soon as possible. The information collected is only used for the arrangements for residents to undergo nucleic acid screening against the virus and the provision of meals.


IAM provided all residents in each household with emergency food packs, and will distribute food packs with vegetables and frozen meat starting from tomorrow. Hot boxed meals will also be provided to households without the conditions for cooking, so as to meet the basic needs of the residents.


IAM has earlier completed the large-scale cleaning and disinfection of the public spaces of the building in the red code zone, and set up temporary nucleic acid sampling station and front-line coordination station in the prevention and control area to facilitate the launch of nucleic acid screening and follow-up work to be carried out by the Health Bureau. If the public have any enquiries regarding the epidemic prevention measures, they can call the enquiry hotline of the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre at 2870 0800.