IAM resumes limited public services and the public are required to make advance booking and arrive on time to comply with anti-epidemic measures

Publish Date: 03/07/2022

The Macao Government Services Centre in Areia Preta and the Macao Government Services Centre in Islands will resume operation from 4 July and offer limited public services. To comply with anti-epidemic measures and avoid crowd gathering, the public should first make a booking through www.csraem.gov.mo/csrbooking/ and then arrive at the venue on time for processing the services. For enquiries, the public can call 2845 1515 or 2842 1212.

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) appeals to the public to not hurry in processing services except for urgent issues. Moreover, anti-epidemic measures will be strengthened on site. The public must keep an appropriate distance when queuing and waiting, wear their face masks properly, undergo temperature checks, produce their Macao Health Codes and take itinerary records. As the public are required to enter the service area in batches in different time sessions, IAM appeals for their understanding. They are advised to comply with the instructions of the staff and keep order on site.

With regard to food and sanitary inspections, for applications for inspection of live animals and retail of dog and cat food, applicants are required to call 6686 3001 to make a booking for the service at least one day beforehand. For the services related to import license / declaration and advance booking for sanitary inspection (food products), the service location is Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, nos. 5 e 7, Complexo da Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, R/C, Macau, and the service hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Enquiries can be made by calling 2852 6943. Importers are advised to pay attention to the arrangements.

In addition, the Macao Municipal Kennel will resume limited services from 4 July, including license renewal and animal vaccination, etc. However, the Coloane Municipal Kennel will remain closed, and veterinary clinic and surgery services are suspended. For enquiries, the public can call 8598 6816.