“Bringing Joy and Love to Children during Christmas 2022” accepts sponsorship of presents and donations

Publish Date: 10/11/2022

Co-organised by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) and Caritas Macau, “Bringing Joy and Love to Children during Christmas 2022” activity will be held from 12 November to 31 December. Through sponsorship of presents and fundraising project, the children and teenagers in need in Macao will be given blessings and care during the festival. The public and all sectors of the society are welcome to actively participate in the activity.

“Bringing Joy and Love to Children during Christmas 2022” activity comprises sponsorship of presents and a fundraising project. With each sponsored present of MOP200, the funds collected will be transferred to Caritas Macau for purchase of Christmas presents. The presents will be given to children and teenagers in need aged 16 or below in Macao together with a festive card through the beneficiary institutions. In addition, Caritas Macau continues to be the co-organiser of the fundraising project this year. While there is no limit on the donation amount, the funds raised will be used for helping local families that suffer from reduced income or unemployment due to the epidemic and those with children that have special needs.

In addition to sponsoring presents or making donations in cash by visiting the IAM Building and the services centres of IAM in person, the public can also participate in the activity in a simple and convenient way by making electronic payment via the Kiosks of Information and Services and the designated website. Furthermore, IAM will also place a donation box in the Christmas Market in Tap Seac Square to provide convenience for the public to support charity. For details, the public can browse www.iam.gov.mo/xmasgift/ or call 2833 7676 for enquiries.

The annual charity activity of IAM, “Bringing Joy and Love to Children during Christmas”, made its debut in 2004. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the public and different sectors of the society for the past 18 years, close to MOP8.8 million of funds have been raised in total. Through co-operation with non-profit-making institutions, over 53,600 children have been benefited from the activity, including children and teenagers in need in Mainland China, Macao and around the world depending on the different circumstances each year.

“Bringing Joy and Love to Children during Christmas” is an activity filled with the love from the public. To implement the activity objective of “joy together, gaining pleasure from helping others”, IAM looks forward to the continuous support from the public and all sectors of the society to contribute their love and spread their care through actual actions, sharing the warmth of the festival to local children and families in need during the epidemic period.