Persistent efforts in epidemic prevention during consolidation period, IAM increases manpower to strengthen cleaning and disinfection of streets and facilities

Publish Date: 26/07/2022

With the epidemic prevention work entering the consolidation period, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continuously coordinates with the outsourced company to increase the manpower for stepping up the cleaning and disinfection of the public streets and public facilities all over Macao. In addition, IAM appeals to all members of the public in Macao to jointly maintain environmental hygiene in the city and be persistent in epidemic control and prevention, so as to reduce the risk of the spread of virus with concerted effort.

Ever since this wave of epidemic outbreak, IAM has followed the anti-epidemic guidelines of the health authorities and has continuously coordinated with the Macau Residue System Company, Ltd. for sending more workers and street washing vehicles to travel in various districts throughout Macao and use high pressure water jets to wash the pavements and roads with diluted bleach. Furthermore, a double number of workers have been sent to various districts to wipe the handrails of public escalators, bus shelters, bus stop signs, parking meters and other public facilities with diluted bleach, in addition to spraying disinfectant to public drain outlets, and handrails and railings of pavements, striving to maintain the cleanliness and environmental hygiene of the streets.

In order to safeguard the safety and hygiene of public toilets, the cleaning workers have not only increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public toilets, but have also strengthened the thorough cleaning and disinfection of all public toilets, including using high pressure water jets to wash the floor, cleaning the fans, exhaust fans and all facilities to ensure that they are clean and hygienic for the public’s use at ease.

IAM will continue to monitor the hygiene conditions of the municipal facilities and public streets under its management and step up cleaning and disinfection. Meanwhile, the public are advised to maintain environmental hygiene and pay attention to personal hygiene, and they must not remove the cordon tapes or break into lockdown areas without permission, jointly making an effort in epidemic prevention during the consolidation period.