IAM carries out anti-epidemic cleaning and disinfection work rigorously

Publish Date: 12/07/2022

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) gives explanation on a video excerpt released on social media about workers carrying out cleaning and disinfection in a building in Red Code Zone.

IAM has always been active in promoting various epidemic prevention and control work. Upon receipt of a notification from the Health Bureau, IAM immediately sends staff to carry out screening at the location of the Red Code building. Moreover, it coordinates with the Macau Residue System Company, Ltd. and outsourced cleaning companies to send extra workers for deep cleaning and disinfection of the corridors, handrails, elevators and other public places on each floor, mainly focusing on thorough mist disinfection supplemented by traditional wiping by workers, with the aim of minimising the conditions for the spread of infectious diseases. During cleaning and disinfection, the IAM staff are also present on site for coordination and supervision. In the video excerpt, it was the photo-taking session of the workers after completion of cleaning and the photos were sent to IAM for records by the outsourced company.

IAM will step up supervision of the cleaning and disinfection work and will continue to make optimisation and improvement, striving to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus.