Subsistence Team distributes food packs to households in lockdown buildings in advance to cope with typhoon

Publish Date: 30/06/2022

In view of the possibility of unstable weather conditions in Macao brought by Tropical Cyclone Chaba, in order to provide assistance for households in lockdown buildings in typhoon preparations, the Subsistence Team will distribute food packs of vegetables and frozen meat or emergency food packs to the households in advance today (30 June). The food packs serve as storage food in case of the food packs of vegetables and frozen meat or meal boxes not able to be delivered at the door during the typhoon period.

In accordance with the forecast of the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau, under the influence of Tropical Cyclone Chaba, the wind will strengthen in the later part of this week with heavy showers and thunderstorms. On the basis of public safety, the Subsistence Team will temporarily remove the outdoor marquees and temporary facilities in lockdown zones, and suspend the services of meals, delivery of life essentials and domestic waste collection depending on the situation. The Municipal Affairs Bureau appeals to the households to wrap the domestic waste properly and keep it at home temporarily during the typhoon period. Domestic waste must not be discarded arbitrarily.

The households in lockdown buildings have been notified of the arrangements concerned through mobile phone text messages. The Subsistence Team will pay close attention to the changes in the weather conditions in Macao and resume the mentioned services when conditions permit. In case of further arrangements, the households will receive notifications by mobile phone text messages.