All takeaway shops required to obtain registration certificate and IAM calls for display of registration information in accordance with law

Publish Date: 15/05/2022

The Administrative Regulation no. 30/2021 “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” has entered into force since November 15, 2021. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) reminds all establishments of takeaway activities operating in Macao now to complete the registration and obtain the certificate. The sector must strictly comply with the registration system in production and operation, and in particular, the registration information must be displayed to the public. Consumers should patronise takeaway shops that display the registration information in accordance with the law to ensure that the shops are regulated by IAM and safeguard their own consumption safety.

Takeaway shops required to display registration information to public

        In accordance with the registration system, takeaway shops that open after the regulation comes into force are required to complete the registration before the commencement of business. Those that have opened before the regulation enters into force are required to apply for registration and obtain the registration certificate within 6 months, i.e. on or before May 15, 2022. In other words, all takeaway shops currently operating in Macao are required to have obtained the registration certificate.

        In addition, the regulation stipulates that operators of takeaway shops have to put up the registration certificate at a prominent location in the physical shop. If the Internet or a mobile application is used for operation or promotion, the registration number is required to be displayed on the mentioned media to allow consumers’ identification. Providers of third-party online food trading platforms are required to ensure that the establishments using the platforms have made the required registration and have shown the registration information on the platforms. Offenders in violation of the relevant stipulations are liable to a fine between MOP 5,000 and MOP 35,000.

Consumers should choose regulated takeaway shops

        IAM reminds consumers to pay attention to whether takeaway shops have displayed the registration information when choosing takeaway food. Takeaway shops that register and operate in accordance with the law should be chosen to ensure that the operation of the shops is subject to regular and random inspections as well as monitoring by IAM, safeguarding food safety.

        To view the list of takeaway shops that have completed the registration, consumers can visit the designated webpage for “Establishments of Takeaway Activities with Registration Certificate” on the Food Safety Information Website of IAM at In addition, operators of takeaway food can have a deeper understanding of the requirements and standards of the registration system on the designated webpage for “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” of the Food Safety Information Website.