IAM steps up inspections and cleaning of environment and calls for joint effort in maintaining beautiful and clean cityscape

Publish Date: 17/01/2023

Towards the end of the lunar year, businesses continue to flourish with a rise in people flow in various districts. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has coordinated with the outsourced cleaning company to increase the manpower for cleaning the streets and the frequency of clearing public garbage bins. In addition, IAM appeals to shops to pay attention to environmental hygiene at all times. They should clear the commercial waste produced by operation actively so as to jointly keep the cityscape clean and tidy.

IAM has previously sent more staff to carry out inspections and promotion in tourist districts with high visitor flow in Macao. The shops are reminded to pay attention to maintenance of environmental hygiene. In particular, food and beverage establishments and takeaway shops should actively clear the food waste and commercial waste produced by operation, comply with the emission standard of cooking fumes, clear the grease interceptors regularly, etc. to ensure that the operation equipment is in good operation conditions. Furthermore, IAM has also added notices in crowded locations to appeal to the public and visitors to protect the environment and maintain hygiene.

During the Chinese New Year holiday, IAM will continue to monitor the environmental hygiene in various districts. In addition to arranging high pressure water jets for cleaning the pavements, adding temporary garbage bins and increasing the frequency of clearing garbage bins in the streets, IAM will also send more inspection staff to carry out inspections, adopting a multi-pronged approach to maintain environmental hygiene in the city.