IAM carries out maintenance and rescue to a weakened ancient tree in Vitória Garden

Publish Date: 01/06/2022

During their continuous inspection and monitoring of ancient trees, the tree maintenance staff of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) found that the growth of an ancient Norfolk Island pine in Vitória Garden had continued to go downward. Treatment, fertilisation and pruning were carried out for the tree a few days ago.

The growth of the ancient Norfolk Island pine (No. 864) located in Vitória Garden, continued to weaken significantly in 2021, with termite damage and dead branches. The maintenance staff carried out a series of maintenance measures in the same year, including replacing supports, applying termiticide and root booster, pruning dead branches, and afterwards pruning branches that had withered, etc. However, the growth of the tree has not improved. The maintenance staff continued to carry out rescue and maintenance a few days ago, including fertilising, applying nutrient solution and pruning dead branches, hoping that the tree can regain its vitality. IAM will continue to monitor the condition of the ancient tree and take follow-up actions in a timely manner.

IAM calls for the public to protect the valuable tree resources together. If they find any abnormalities in trees, they may report the cases through “IAM Connect” or call the Civic Service Hotline at 2833 7676.