IAM inspects food and beverage establishments and urges them not to provide dine-in service in compliance with pandemic prevention work

Publish Date: 19/06/2022

In response to the pandemic and as the risk of the spread of the pandemic in the community has further increased, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government urges food and beverage establishments to suspend dine-in service. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has sent staff to carry out inspections in the food and beverage establishments in the different districts of Macao to remind them that only takeaway food can be provided and dine-in service has to be suspended. All of the persons in charge of the establishments expressed their understanding of the current situation and will comply with the measure as much as possible. The inspection work will be carried out continuously. If it is discovered that an establishment has continued to provide dine-in service, IAM staff will remind the establishment and request it to comply with the measure, so as to reduce the chance of the spread of the pandemic together.