IAM provides vegetables and frozen meat food packs for households of enclosed and controlled buildings

Publish Date: 19/06/2022

To facilitate the implementation of precise prevention and control measures in the Red and Yellow Code Zones with prompt provision of food for the residents in the enclosed and controlled areas, the Subsistence Team provides the residents of the enclosed and controlled buildings with food packs containing vegetables and frozen meat that can be cooked by the residents themselves, in replacement of the previous boxed meals delivered to them.

Each food pack, distributed according to the number of registered household members, is for three people for two days, mainly containing vegetables and frozen meat for daily consumption, such as frozen pork, chicken and other meats, as well as potatoes, cabbage and other semi-perishable vegetables, together with garlic, ginger, etc. In order to reduce personal contact, the food packs are distributed every two days. Relevant households are advised to place a table or chair in front of their doors for placing the food packs and other necessities.

For people who need special care, such as the elderly living alone or the chronically ill with limited mobility, the Subsistence Team will continue to provide them with boxed meals every day.

The Subsistence Team formed by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) together with the Public Security Police Force and the Social Welfare Bureau will carry out household surveys on the enclosed and controlled buildings, recording the number of household members, contact numbers, the number of elderly and people with special needs, etc., and will distribute the information to them about the work arrangements and emergency contact information of various measures during the lockdown period.

    If members of the public have any enquiries regarding the pandemic prevention measures, they can call the enquiry hotline of the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre at 2870 0800.