Guia Hill Fitness Trail and walking trial in Reservatório Park are generally in good order and IAM calls on public to go to facilities during off-peak hours

Publish Date: 23/07/2022

During the “consolidation period” starting from today, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) opens the Guia Hill Fitness Trail, the walking trial in the Reservatório Park, the cycle track in the Leisure Area on Taipa Waterfront and the Lotus Cycle Track on a limited basis, for the public to take leisure walks for body and mind relaxation. The venues are generally in good order. IAM calls on the public to go to the facilities during off-peak hours, and learn about the situations of the venues in advance via the special webpage to make better arrangements for going out and avoid crowd gatherings.

    To learn about the facilities’ real-time situations and make better arrangements for going out, the public may use “Macao One Account”, “IAM Connect”, or scan the following QR Code to go to the special webpage, and view the number of people in queues of the public markets and dog parks, and the number of people at the walking trails and cycle tracks opened on a limited basis.

According to the health authorities’ guidelines on pandemic prevention measures, the public are still required to avoid crowd gatherings, keep social distancing, and wear masks of KN95 or above specifications all the time when using the facilities, and scan the Venue Codes and undergo temperature measurement when entering the venues. Their Health Codes are required to be green. IAM will adopt crowd control measures when necessary according to on-site situations, and send additional staff to inspect the venues and rectify violations. The public are requested to cooperate with the pandemic prevention work.